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Taking eletric
vehicles further.

DeVolt is a descentralized solution focused on providing the eletricity needed for eletric cars. With monetary incentives, logistical facilitations, more accessible stations, and an open, fully transparent market.

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Creating solutions for the energy market


DeVolt stations emerge naturally where energy supply meets demand, ensuring you always have power where and when you need it, directly influenced by market dynamics.


DeVolt offers secure transactions with direct, transparent operations. Our robust encryption protects every charge, ensuring your data and power are safe.


Experience the convenience of charging with DeVolt. Our responsive platform meets your needs with efficiency, adapting seamlessly to supply and demand.

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What is Devolt?

Efficient Power Integration

DeVolt enhances the electric vehicle charging experience by seamlessly integrating energy supply from diverse sources. Our platform efficiently channels renewable energy to EV charging stations, ensuring reliable and eco-friendly power availability.

Decentralized Energy Marketplace

DeVolt is a decentralized platform that connects energy producers with EV drivers directly. This eliminates intermediaries, enabling a more efficient and direct energy market that benefits both producers and consumers.

Sustainable Impact

DeVolt is deeply committed to sustainability, leveraging blockchain technology to foster transparent and secure transactions within the energy sector. This advanced use of blockchain not only enhances the reliability of energy exchanges but also ensures that every transaction is traceable and tamper-proof, promoting a higher standard of integrity and accountability.

Our platform actively encourages the adoption of electric vehicles and the increased use of renewable energy sources. By facilitating easier access to eco-friendly power options, DeVolt plays a crucial role in driving environmental conservation efforts forward. This approach not only supports the health of our planet but also spearheads technological innovation in the energy sector, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

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Become an Energy Seller with DeVolt

Join DeVolt's network and start selling energy with minimal bureaucracy. Our straightforward process ensures you can quickly and efficiently begin contributing to the energy marketplace. By becoming a part of DeVolt, you take an active role in shaping a sustainable future while generating income from your surplus energy.


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